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I am so exited Ilamai Med Spa has opened! I had been waiting patiently for the grand opening! Since their grand opening I have been in numerous times even without an apt. Staff is amazing, takes their time to explain all their products, and they have this cool high tech machine that analyzes your skin concerns. Cate is so very helpful with the products and is wonderful at facials. After 1 month of my first time doing it and using the products that were recommended my skin improved so much! A big shout out to my long time nurse/ injector Yvonne Jupin-Maroyquin for hooking me up with Beautiful Natural Plump Lips! Yvonne is very knowledgeable and I have been following her for years And so happy she is at Ilamai Med Spa. Yvonne knows all the products and knows what will be right for you. She explains everything from the time you walk in and will sit down after and go over all your results. She is gentle, kind and very caring and flexible with your schedule. I will definitely be going back to this spa soon! x
7 months ago
Elizabeth Gould
Love this place, everyone is so incredibly nice! Dina was great at identifying skin care needs and a path forward to beautiful, healthy skin! I also had lip fillers and botox done. They were all so supportive and encouraging, even checked up on me the next day! I will be a returning customer
2 months ago
Tanya Smith
I had the glow facial done on Saturday 10/29 by Allie because I was tired of sweating so much. Literally any simple task like putting on my make-up and I would be sweating. Blow drying my hair and forget about it, I'll have to sit in front of my oscillating fan every 3 mins while trying to put on make-up! Cooking, laundry, looking at someone in a sweater and I'd need my neck fan. Yes I had to buy one of those! Anyway, I digress, I was told about this facial that puts botox in your pours and it helps stop the sweat. There's definitely a more scientific explanation but that's the best I got. I was nervous that my face would be frozen in time but that didn't happen at all. It wasn't painful at all and I can move my face just fine. If anything it just smoothed out my skin a little. Allie was very sweet and told me exactly what she was going to do before she did it and made me feel like I've known her forever! She was amazing and I'm 100% going to keep it up! I was able to vacuum, change my sheets and do laundry without sweating and this was the same day I had the procedure. It was seriously amazing! I now "Cute Sweat", where I can use a tissue to dab it and not a towel to wipe it. I can put make-up on without taking a million fan breaks. It's the best decision I've ever made! I haven't noticed the sweat more anywhere else either. I was worried about sweating a ton in my armpits since it wasn't coming out of my face anymore but so far so good. I'd still rather sweat more in my armpits than my face anyway! I was told it should last around 3 to 4 months which will be so amazing. So to wrap this up, if you're a sweaty monster like I was, definitely look into this procedure absolutely worth it from day 1! Life changer!
2 months ago
Diane MacDonald
This med spa is amazing. I have been seeing Dina for chemical peels and has done wonders on my face. I have seen Nikki as well for a lipflip and i definitely didnt feel anything and lips turned out amazing.. Krista at the front desk is so helpful and answers any questions you may have. If you are looking for a Med Spa I highly recommend Ilamai. You will not be disappointed
3 months ago
Heather Thomas
I LOVE all things iLamai. I have been in to see Dina for every appointment. From the moment I step through the door, I am greeted with smiles and professionalism! Dina has been my go to for over 5 years. From Facials to chemical peel to my all time fav "the Hydrafacial" she is the Best. I can't say enough. And highly recommend Dr Uma and team ! See you on Nov. 10!!!
2 months ago
Lori Weaver

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