Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain in Fredericksburg, VA

Chronic pain is a very common problem in the United States and difficult for anyone to endure on a daily basis.  Chronic pain, unfortunately, tends to bring about not just physical pain, but also emotional and psychological pain.

Our Physician led services are proved to reduce the effects of chronic pain.

What is Chronic Pain?

If you experience any of the symptoms below, you may be suffering from chronic pain.

Typical indicators of chronic pain consist of mild to strong discomfort that lingers after a health issue or personal injury. Some of the most common symptoms of chronic pain include:

Joint pain
Muscle aches
Burning pain
Sleep problems
Loss of stamina and flexibility, due to decreased activity
Mood problems, including depression, anxiety, and irritability

What does Ketamine do for Chronic Pain?

ketamine for chronic pain treatment

Ketamine when used in small does through an IV that enters the bloodstream is shown to be 80% effective at treating the symptoms of pain.

One benefit to Ketamine Infusions for chronic pain management is its ability to sometimes bring relief to symptoms within minutes or hours, rather than the weeks or months medication or physical therapy can take. 

The best way to determine if you are a candidate is to schedule a consultation with our Physician Dr. Uma Rangarajan, MD to see if Ketamine treatments are right for you.  Please call and schedule at 540-322-1226.

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